Let's Play Doctor - Book
The Book That "Orthodox" Doctors Couldn't Kill."  How To" maximize your genetic potential for health and longevity.
  • Become your own primary health care provider
  • Learn the Alternative Healing Arts
  • Establish your own health clinic
  • Lists over 400 diseases and gives Dr. Wallach's concise recommendations on how to treat and prevent each disease

Let's Play Doctor
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Dead Doctors Don't Lie Tour 2014 - DVD

Someone Should Go To Jail

Dead Doctors Don't Lie Tour 2014:
Someone Should Go To Jail

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"Medical Dogmas and Lies"

A more up to date, succinct and polished version of his famous "Dead Doctors Don't Lie" presentation, this magnificent Cd by the Mineral Doctor, himself, Dr. Joel Wallach, has been the entry point into a world of optimum, sustainable health for millions of health conscious people. Dr. Wallach, author, lecturer, renown nutritionist, clinician, researcher and pathologist, draws on the lessons of his unique professional career to explain the importance of full spectrum colloidal mineral supplementation and self-help strategies  If issues of longevity, peak fitness and life potential matter to you, consider this tape a must. Available on audio cassette for $2.95.

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Why Americans spent more than $950 Billion on health last year yet rank 17th among industrialized nations in longevity.

How it is that veterinarians may know more about optimal human health than do MD's.

Why some primitive tribes around the globe enjoy 120 year life spans while our own health 'experts' typically live, on average to only age 58.

How it is that 300,000 per year die of medical malpractice.

Why athletes are high risk for early death due to degenerative disease.

How 600 plus diseases and ailments can be checked or in many cases reversed through mineral supplementation.

Why expensive urine is never what the doctor orders.